Day 3 – Larrasoana to Pamplona – 17km

It had all started out so well. I felt well rested after a decent night’s sleep and aside from feeling dead below the waist I was otherwise in good fettle. I met up and walked some of the way to Pamplona with a lovely couple from Indiana , Neil and Marian , and we had a good time chatting for a few miles. Word came that there was a general strike in Spain today and none of the places you’d normally stop for a drink or eats was open. After 4 hours of walking I started to flag and was desperate for something to eat. Then , after a long downhill stretch , my left knee started to ache. Not good.

I was limping along very slowly and eventually reached Pamplona at 1.30pm. I should say here that the limp count amongst the Pilgrims is noticeably increasing .Thankfully there were no bulls charging about the place as I think I would have met a particularly gory fate. I booked into the Albergue which is a large converted church with bunk beds down each nave. I had a shower and wandered off into town to buy a sandwich only to find myself in the middle of a large demonstration and a heavy police presence. The rubbish bins were set on fire , the demonstrators were spraying everything with red paint and every shop front was plastered with political posters/flyers. Then the police started firing tear gas. ‘” Great ” I thought , I’ve walked all these miles , I’m worn out and hungry , all I wanted was a butty and now I’m going get hit over the head by the Spanish police and thrown in the back of a van. This is turning into ” Mr Bean’s Camino “. Thankfully I avoided arrest , escaped back to the albergue and exchanged tales with some of the other Pilgrims until everything had calmed down. I eventually found a solitary shop open at 5.30pm and bought a sandwich. None of the places you want to see in Pamplona has been open so all in all it’s been a crazy day. I’m going for a beer now.

Stop press – the Spanish snorer from hell ( see Roncevalles ) has just walked in and taken a bunk two away from mine . I think I want to cry .

Jesus y Maria Albergue Pamplona

5 thoughts on “Day 3 – Larrasoana to Pamplona – 17km

  1. This is turning into even more of an adventure than anticipated Danny. If it’s any comfort, your blog gets my, and I’m sure a lot of people’s, day off to a good start, Thanks, Clive

  2. Danny, you can become an alternative to trip advisor – a sort of “riot watch” for would be holidaymakers. Be careful out there…..

  3. “Dead below the waist” – understand you were self-prescribing for this well before you left but let’s keep it quiet eh. Disappointed no mention of Charlemagne’s defeat and Roland’s death at the battle of Roncevaux in 778 in your Roncesvalles blog. We speak of little else at the golf club – possible because some of the members were there.

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