Day 31 – Gonzar to Ponte Campano Mato – 21.5 km

After the glorious sunshine of yesterday we awoke to low cloud , mist and rain. It rained fairly heavily at some stages and didn’t let up until evening. As a result we couldn’t see much of the scenery and just put our heads down and walked.

The number of Pilgrims has noticeably increased since Sarria. It is the main starting point for people who are just walking the last 100 km. A Pilgrim on foot has to have walked at least 100 km in order to pick up a ” Compostela ” in Santiago. Starting at Sarria will cover ( just ) the requisite 100 km. When we arrive at Santiago we present our stamped Credential to the Pilgrims Office and a Compostela certificate is issued ( still written in Latin and confirming the completion of the Pilgrimage ) . After Sarria we now have to get two stamps a day in our Credential so due to my stamp collecting tendencies I’ve run out of space in my original rather battered looking Credential and have had to acquire another.

I didn’t take too many photos today due to the bad weather and for fear of getting the iPhone wet. For some strange reason most of those I have taken seem to be of the ” Horreos ” . I think I now have enough to make one of those posters ” Horreos of Galicia ” . Once the rain abated I also took a few photos of the rustic Refugio we are are staying in tonight. This too has an “Horreo “right outside our door.

Another Horreo
I like Horreos

I really like Horreos : )
Bunks at Albergue Casa Domingo
Forrest’s bed for the night
Casa Domingo’s own Horreo
Entrance to sleeping quarters Casa Domingo


Hammock Casa Domingo

My ” Credential “
My ” Credential “

6 thoughts on “Day 31 – Gonzar to Ponte Campano Mato – 21.5 km

  1. Ola, well you are in the home straight. Congratulations and well done. Amazing memories to take home with you. Really enjoyed your blog.
    We have decided to go up to Jed’s and Uncle Johns for our Christmas Party.
    Enjoy your last few days.

    1. Thanks Pauline , just enjoying a relaxing day in the Santiago today. A hangover meant I missed the bus to Finisterre this morning but I’ll go there tomorrow instead. I might join you in ” The Collie ” at Christmas : )

  2. Hey Danny, can’t believe you’re into the last 100km now, amazing effort, and from the sounds of your blog – such an amazing experience! You’ve given me extra motivation to go back and finish it someday.. Enjoy the last few days…

    1. Hi Rhea , good to hear from you. Yes you should definitely come back , there are some really beautiful towns and scenery all along the way , notwithstanding all the great people you meet. Hope you don’t have to wait too long. Buen Camino if you do !

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