Eve of Departure

Well tomorrow I fly to Biarritz with Cryin’ Air and I think I’ve got just about everything I need bar the needle and thread for popping/draining the inevitable blisters. I’ll be borderline for the 10kg weight allowance and I think the rucksack is just above the hand luggage size allowance but I’ll take my chances and hope I don’t have to add any more to Michael O’Leary’s already healthy profits.

I was out the last few Saturdays on training walks over Anglezarke Moor. I hadn’t been up there in ages and it reminded me what beautiful countryside we have on our doorstep. Matt and I parked near the dam at the North End of Anglezarke Reservoir and walked along the footpath beneath Stronstrey Bank to White Coppice .We then followed the footpath to Great Hill , which surely must have one of the best views in Lancashire on a fine day . From there we walked over the moorland to Round Loaf ( a neolithic Barrow ) and then on to Lead Mines Clough , Jepson’s Gate and down Moor Road to complete the circuit. A great walk is all the better for a great pint at the end of it and we found that at Rivington Bowling Club. On one of the few fine Saturdays this year we slaked our thirst with a pint of ” Session Ale ”  whilst sitting in the sun by the lake. This is a lovely spot and I must thank Paul Fisher, who I bumped into at the top of Great Hill , for pointing me there.

Cricket match White Coppice
Matt at ” Round Loaf ” , Anglezarke Moor


4 thoughts on “Eve of Departure

  1. Good luck, Danny. I never really believed all that stuf about the Irish being bonkers till I heard you were doing this…
    Is it really that hard to share a house with only Jane and Sal?
    In truth, the only other person I had heard of doing this is an Irish lady who works for Heinz!

  2. Bon cance and buena suerte, Danny, as County Mayo head into their 62nd year of All-Ireland hurt.

    My Mayo-born great-grandmother might have been around the last time they brought Sam home. Must be the damned gypsy curse.

  3. I hope this blog is going to more about our bold medical cavalieros boldly going where they haven’t been before rather than Blackburn Rover’s progress towards First Division Football. Presume you read the tip to avoid blisters: wear women’s stockings under your socks or, in your case Danny, put some socks on over the stockings – your secret is safe with me. Must be knee length with tailored shorts. Hope all is going well. Weather great here.

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