Camino Frances

Welcome to my blog which will act as my journal and provide a daily update on my progress on The Camino Frances. I fly out to Biarritz from Manchester on 23rd September 2012 and will begin the 780 km walk to Santiago de Compostela from St Jean-Pied-De-Port on the 24th. Time permitting I’d like to walk on to Finisterre but that’s making the assumption that the feet , knees and back hold out to Santiago. We will see .

27 thoughts on “Camino Frances

  1. It looks a long way on the map – enjoy the vinyards on the way. Rovers in better shape than Bolton even though we won away today !

  2. at least the rugby league table makes for good reading! And Hamilton’s on pole with Button 4th on the grid. Hope Mr O’Leary’s bus hasn’t given you too many blisters to start with (from all the pedalling!). Hasta manana- when it starts for real, I guess…..have a great time!

  3. Nice on! I think you’re already over the hardest part – deciding to do it! Did you bring Moleskins? Great for preventinmg sore skin turning to blisters. I went to the Barnsley and Boro games. Lucky to get any points at all really..Robinson long balls to the midget front 4 while Murphy relaxes and colects his pension. Rhodes looks the real deal though. When is your ETA in Santiago or is it a secret? I maybe on my way back to Bermuda, otherwise I would organise the tickertape reception. Best of luck with it! Ray

    1. Hi Ray , hope you are well. I hear from Ged that you were over in France with Shuff and Boltie. I’m not sure when I’ll get to Santiago ( or whether I will at all !) but , all being well, I would guess around 26/27th October. It would be great if you were able to come out. You can get the ” Compostela” if you walk the last 100km.

  4. Danny you should run the drag in Pamplona as its better without the bulls (or Hemmingway)!

    Rioja….some of my favourite wine. Much to look forward to. Fishing Bo B’s stretch back end October and will let you know. Tyne low water and saw nothing.

    Recently went up Ben Nevis and Arthur’s Seat. Beginning to question my sexuality.

    Good luck.

      1. Saw Gerard Flynn, Barry’s friend Geoff Leyland (Latham) and Teddy Halsall in Coppull today. They both wished you well. I suppose living in Pilgrims Way it was only a matter of time….next you could do Lough Derg?….In Biarritz I got stung for a very expensive round at the Campsite Bar in 1982 with Paul (Nolan) and the legendary Andrew Michaels: 1 yellow Izarra, 1 green Izarra, 2 pints of Stella and a bottle of NIvea. Hopefully you’ve gone at the best possible time climatewise. I went to see Shuff and Bolty near Carcassonne at the end of August and did a bit of hiking – very hot out of the tree cover, Keep that Rovers baseball cap on! if you can’t get to sleep in Cantabria, you could try and remember the number of times you’ve seem Merluza on the menu and how many times the dessert of the day has been Flan. Beats counting sheep! And a very peaceful and joyful post- Kean era to you. Where art thou now, brother Rayx

  5. This blogging thing is a good idea but it does require you to participate. Surely the blisters and chaffing have not rendered you incapacitated so soon???? Also would the blog process accommodate Davies’s emails, or is there a spam/filth filter in place?????

      1. Sports update. Rovers global advisor making the necessary noises before he pots keane and latics smash spammers 4 1 at upton park. Keep the faith

  6. Amazing stuff Danny-not missing anything here-just rain!!Look forward to following your path and God’s speed-enjoy the Paradors when available!!!

    1. Ewan , you’d love this , lots of interesting people. I walked yesterday with an American girl who has just been working on the campaign for Joe McCosey ( not sure of spelling ) who is the Democrat candidate for the House of Representatives from Colorado. We had a great long chat about US politics. Apparently Colorado is a “swing state” so if Joe gets in then it’s looking good for Obama.

      1. Looking at the map I am not even sure you go through Cantabria. May depend on whether you take the high road or the low road. Anyway, the Merluza/ Flan contagion probably extends far south, so lerrus know….

  7. Can’t believe what you are doing – your blog has reached me via Raffi. Do the good patients of Adlington realise that you are not going to be tending to their every need between now and Xmas ? No wonder you weren’t at the golf last week. You won’t be surprised to hear that Kilgour won all the Trophies yet again. A trying few days for you with the striking, snoring Spaniards, but keep going and no more Japanese exercises, you’re the wrong shape !!

  8. Following it all with great interest-you are becoming a regular Bill Bryson-wonderful pictures being painted!!Just like to say we are all counting on you!!!

    1. Thanks Ewan , you’d love The Camino ( as long as you could get a taxi and stay in Paradors ) . Lots of interesting people , some whacky ones too. Have done a lot of laughing , as you might guess.

    1. Ha ha , have been staying in some pretty spartan Refugios last few days so Wi-Fi availability has been a problem. In a Parador Hotel tonight so normal service has been resumed ! Hope all’s well at GH .

  9. Dannyboy….brilliant effort and well done! Sounds a fantastic experience and a hell of a journey.

    Soak your feet in Liffey water and contemplate dipping your rod again soon.

    Talking of which the Annan is looming and Tues/Weds next week we are on Bob’s water. We have the bottom beat only and I wondered if you could transport your newly rested head and advise on directions to beat from the hotel (same as last time) and hot spots (other than the marvellous place we both got lucky!).

    Congratulations again and fair effort to keep the blog going.


    1. Keith Moor, the famous Coppull binman, recommended after a hard day’s walk bathing your feet in a basin of your own urine, but as a medical man I am sure you are already aware of the benefits of this treatment…

      1. Ray , I only had one blister during the whole Camino and I can only put that down to following just that routine every evening in the Refugios. I usually applied Vaseline afterwards too.

    2. Thanks Cart . I hope you get good water. Gerald and co. have been on The Annan this weekend and the last text I got they’d had some success. Follow the signs to Brydekirk from the hotel , then drive down the track by the lodge next to the bridge until you reach the hut. Park there and walk down to the hut by the ” Sandpool ” and that is where you had your fish last year and the main hotspot. Another good lie is about 100yds up from the hut where you park . Cast across the river and bring the lure under the telegraph wires to your own bank. Tight lines and let me know how you get on.

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