Well I finally made my way to Finisterre on the 9.00am bus yesterday , a day later than intended. It is 90km to Finisterre from Santiago and I didn’t have time to walk the 3 days it would have taken. I said a sad goodbye to Lou and double Felix at breakfast as they were setting off to walk to Finisterre this morning. Before leaving they presented me with a small model of a Horreo that they had clubbed together to buy me as a leaving gift. They had all been amused by my obsession with photographing the Horreos and I had joked with them that I was going to get one put in the garden at home , which could then serve as my own ” Refugio”. I was touched , they no doubt think I am too. I will miss them all as they’ve been great company over these weeks of walking and staying in the Refugios.

On the same bus were Martha and a few other Pilgrims including a very fit looking 67yr old chap named Dave , from San Diego , who had also walked from St Jean. He was another whose path I hadn’t crossed on the Camino itself. I commented to him that I was surprised at the number of Americans and Canadians that I had met on the Camino. He felt that the upsurge in numbers may have had something to do with the film ” The Way ” , which was released a year or two ago.

We arrived at Finisterre around 11.30am and made our way to the lighthouse at Cabo Finisterre , around 3km from the town itself. Before the discovery of the Americas this point was considered the end of the known world so , although it held no religious significance to Pilgrims , it had a enough symbolic attraction to justify the extra days of walking beyond Santiago. It’s traditional for Pilgrims arriving here to bathe in the waters of the nearby beach , to go and watch the sunset from near the lighthouse at Cabo Finisterre and to burn an item of clothing. We took some photos at the Cape and I then tried setting fire to my socks only to be thwarted by the strong wind. So the socks are coming home after all , a little bit singed , not unlike myself.

I walked to the beach on the west side of the peninsula , the Praia Foro do Mar , and dipped my chewed up looking feet in the sea ( it was a bit cold for full immersion ). So that was that , my Camino complete and an attempt , at least , at the post-Camino rituals. I walked back into town and who should I meet but the Japanese contortionist , all smiley and friendly. I hadn’t seen her since Leon and she’s obviously long forgotten the bathroom incident. It seemed right somehow that the last person I should see on my journey should be one of the first Pilgrims I had met way back in Roncesvalles.

So that’s it , the end of an amazing adventure that has given me so much to remember and some of the happiest weeks of my whole life , give or take a few nights of no sleep : ) . I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the blog and maybe it might have inspired one or two of you to walk The Camino , either in full or in sections. I’ll stop here and write a bit more reflection in a day or two.

Felix and Lou
Dave and Martha

7 thoughts on “Finisterre

  1. Super job! Did you get the freeby at the Hotel de Los Reyes Catolicos in Santiago?

    We’ve kept all your blogs, they make great reading.

    When you are home and you start to tell of your travels don’t be too hard on folks if their eyes start to glaze over after a short while – they were not fortunate enough to have been where you have been . . . and they cannot go there even if they try . . . enjoy it for it is yours to enjoy. If you do feel the urge to offload and share it – we are great listeners,
    Safe journey home
    Michael n Mavis

  2. well done dad! i’ve been keeping track daily and i must say – good effort on the walk and good effort on the blogging.

    from matt

  3. Hi Danny
    Just home tonight and its just bringing back so many magical memories looking at your blog (and so far I’ve just seen your last 2 days!)
    I also took the bus to Finterra with my friend from home Anne, and we walked to Muxia and back ..a beautiful way to finish.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together..I look forward to reading more tomorrow.
    dont forget to make your way over here for the trad fest next weekend!
    A big camino goodbye hug from Joan in Ireland

    1. Great to hear from you Joan and glad to hear you enjoyed the walk to Muxia and back. I would have liked to have done that myself but hadn’t the time. I have been home for 5 days now and am definitely having Camino withdrawal symptoms ! I can’t get over to Clare next weekend sadly but will definitely come and see you play when I’m next
      over there. Jolanta is still there having set off for Finisterre a few days ago. D x

      1. Hi there Danny!
        How fast time goes when there is more to life than the walk-shower-eat-sleep routine! Took me a few weeks to adjust to the multitasking life of home ..and I’m still not very good at it, but definitely the camino changes the perspective a bit. Getting closer to ordering my photos and putting them on Facebook- very impressed with all my more organsied “camigos” who documented each stage as they went along.
        Just emailed Jola tonight re possibility of Ennis weekend for Paddy’s Day in March as its attached to a weekend this year. Let me know what you think closer to the time.

      2. Hi Joan , Paddy’s Day in Ennis sounds good , I’d be up for that. Would like to see your photos when they’re up on Facebook. I’m looking at walking another route at some point , maybe Le Puy to St Jean or the Camino Norte. Have you any plans for more adventures ?

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