” He who limps is still walking ”   Stansilaw J Lec

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  1. Hi, great blog! I don’t think we actually met but there are a lot of friends’ faces there. Dave and Martha who were at Finisterre were really good friends on the Camino. I knew Jack as well (who didn’t?) and I met Felix with the beard a few times (though never knew his name). All the best, Stuart

    1. Hi Stuart ,
      Glad you enjoyed the blog and saw some familiar faces on the photos. I am very glad I made the effort to keep the blog going though , as you will understand , it wasn’t always easy to find a quiet time to update it. I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet you en route. Despite my moans about the snoring and lack of sleep I loved the whole experience and hope to return to walk other routes , Le Puy to St Jean and the Camino Portugues being the likeliest. Best wishes , Danny

  2. Hi
    I really enjoyed the talk you gave at Adlington tonight and am inspired to walk this year.I’ll be in touch when I have uped my walking/fitness.Thanks for the motivation.

    1. Hi Mosie , thank you , very glad you enjoyed the talk. It was great to be able to share the experience. Please do get in touch for some advice if you do decide to walk the Camino. Spring and Autumn are the best times to go.

      Best Wishes

  3. Dear Danny, thank you for the greetings. I am really happy with this ministry and i am thankful of being able to celebrate it. I Pray for you

    1. Thank you Juan , it was my pleasure . You will have great memories of your Camino I am sure. You and Gustavo gave many of your fellow Pilgrims great memories too . Very best wishes and God Bless .

  4. Hello Danny, my name is David and I edit the Camino Society ezine, Shamrocks & Shells (www.shamrocksandshells.ie). You have a fabulous blog and it has a wealth of information. Well done! Do you mind if I print your article on your Tochar Phadraig walk in the July issue of our ezine? I will give you full credit where due of course.
    Buen Camino!

  5. Hi Danny
    It’s official…I am walking from Sarria to Santiago on the 6th June 😊
    May need some tips.

  6. Hi Danny I am going to walk in september this year and am a little concerned that some days will be 30 km is that do able? understand night before to get some good sleep (im paying a little more to achieve this) I did do some of it in 2009 but feel a lot would have changed since then (and me as I went in donation accomodation then too old for that now )

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