Day 32 – Ponte Campano Mato to Arzua – 24.4 km

Arrived at Arzua around 6.30pm. Forrest and I are having a lie down on the bunks. Felix has gone off to ” Skype ” his girlfriend. We’ll be going out for Dinner soon so I’ll update the blog tomorrow.

We all enjoyed our stay in the very friendly Albergue Casa Domingo and had a good sleep , setting out again around 9.00 am this morning. It was an overcast but mild day. We crossed 6 shallow river valleys during the course of the day and walked a good bit through woodland paths.

As ever there was a small , ancient Romanesque Church present in every village but , disappointingly , we have found very few of these open during the whole course of The Camino. I’ve posted a picture of a carved stone tympanum of the Virgin and Child situated over the main door of the 13C Church of Santa Maria in Leboreiro , but the Church itself was locked. We walked on to the town of Melide where we stopped for lunch. The town has a famous 14th C stone cross , reputed to be the oldest in Galicia , the Crucero do Melide .

I tried to resist the temptation to take yet more photos of the ” Horreos ” but couldn’t stop myself. I think I’ll get one for the garden at home : ) .

We arrived at Arzua around 6.30pm and went out to Dinner in the town where Forrest and I sampled some of the local speciality of ” Pulpo ” ( Octopus ). It tasted a lot better than it looked.

Although excited about reaching Santiago soon I went to bed feeling a little sad as we now have only 25 miles to go and I have only one full day of walking left of this amazing experience.

13th C Romanesque church of Santa Maria , Leboreiro ( field of hares )
Carved stone tympanum of Virgin and Child over main door , Iglesia de Santa Maria , Leboreiro
14th C stone cross in Melide , reputed to be the oldest in Galicia , Christ in his majesty on one side and Christ crucified on the reverse


Overlooking bridge to Albergue Xunta at Ribadiso
Pulpo con Gambas ( Octopus with shrimp )

5 thoughts on “Day 32 – Ponte Campano Mato to Arzua – 24.4 km

  1. Popped around to borrow your golf clubs for a weekend of debauchery with the cricket lads. Your Pings will have more impact than my 1970 collection; not on my game of course which is beyond redemption but in attempting to manage the hilarity caused by the appearance of said museum pieces from my Argos branded golf bag. By the way, Mrs McA preparing for your return by ensuring the gutters have been cleaned. I call that considerate.

  2. Mmmmmm having the gutters cleaned… You do realise that you’re so far in negative equity with the “brownie points” that it will take something quite spectacular to reduce the deficit. I’m sure Mrs McA can think of several branded goods available in most major cities that will do to start with!!!

    It’s been great to follow your progress – enjoy the last few kms.

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