Day 5 – Puente La Reina to Estella – 21.9km

7.15am Not much sleep , another ” snorefest ” , despite the earplugs. I obviously didn’t down enough Rioja last night.

I was out for dinner last night with the Dublin girls ( Denise , Pauline , Anne , Catherine and Jacqui ) and Gail from Notts ( aka ” Joyce Grenfell ” , ” Steady as a Galleon etc ” ) . It’s their last day of walking tomorrow and I’m going to miss them all as they’ve been great fun. I was very amused to discover that one of them was mortified when she recognised a fellow Pilgrim as a Dublin Gastroenterologist who has carried out two colonoscopies on her. As one might expect , given his speciality ( and to her great relief ) he doesn’t seem to have recognised her.

The conversation got around to packing for The Camino and one item mentioned was the paraphernalia associated with the removal of female body hair. This is clearly not a priority item for many of the European females . Denise then asked for a male opinion on female hirsuteness. There followed an hilarious conversation which I can’t repeat here. At one point Catherine said I was like their new ” gay ” friend , which is a bit worrying.

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