Day 22 – Leon to Hospital de Orbigo – 32.8km

An uneventful day spent walking on probably the least appealing part of The Camino so far. It was mostly long , flat stretches of roadside ” senda “. We’re now on the last part of The Meseta and after Astorga ( our next stop ) we start climbing the next range of mountains , the Montes de Leon.

Whilst walking this morning I met a German guy who has become a bit of a Camino legend in that he is currently walking the Camino once a month for the whole of 2012 ,  starting his walk from Roncesvalles. I’m told he normally spends half of each year volunteering as a ” Hospitalero ” at the Refugios. A diagnosis of ” OCD ” springs to mind.

I’ve developed some tendonitis in my right lower leg over the last 24 hrs and the discomfort was causing me to limp this morning. I took some ibuprofen and started using the walking poles in a ” Nordic Walking ” style as I’ve seen other Pilgrims doing and it seemed to help this afternoon. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get any worse as I’ve seen a few having to quit with this complaint.
Whilst walking this afternoon I met a guy chopping up a fallen tree and he recommended an Albergue in Hospital de Orbigo . so I’ve pulled in here for the night. It looks like a good decision as there’s a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere here. It’s a vegetarian place and there’s lots of scatter cushions , candles , funny smells and ambient music playing. I’m told there’s a Yoga class at 8.00am tomorrow. After my experience with the Japanese Contortionist I’m not so sure I should be trying that.

Walking out of Leon ( Neno and Hugo ahead )
German guy who is walking the whole Camino ( from Roncesvalles ) each month during 2012 !

The ” Senda “

Puente de Orbigo – 13th Century bridge – one of the longest and best preserved medieval bridges in Spain

Laundry facilities ” Albergue Verde ” , Hospital de Orbigo
Boot storage at Albergue Verde
Albergue Verde
Albergue Verde

Fig tree Albergue Verde

Balcony Albergue Verde

7 thoughts on “Day 22 – Leon to Hospital de Orbigo – 32.8km

  1. Photies still up to standard, brings back memories. So its Astorga next and then the English hostal in Rabanal del Camino! ‘Twas in El Ganso (the goose) I met Helmut (from the Ruhr) sheltering from the driving rain under the overhang of an ancient barn roof, the barn wasn’t much better either. Just there its a dreer bit of moorland but it had to be crossed to reach the bar in Rabanal which served great food with an atmosphere that was great back ‘in the day’. There may be talk, ‘en la senda’, of the deserted village of Foncebadon and its dogs – they drove fear and terror into the hearts of ‘los peregrinos’ all along The Camino in the mid 90’s, but hey, its probably developed for tourism by now – then it looked like a Bosnian village on a bad day. Ah! such joys for you to yet garner along your chosen Way. ‘May the Road rise to Meet You!’
    Hasta la vista baby,

    1. Michael , looking forward to Rabanal as I’ve heard good reports . I did join the English CSJ just before I left but not in time to get their Credential. Like you I’m guessing some of these abandoned villages have come back to life with the popularity of The Camino increasing. Whether the dogs are under control is another matter !

  2. Hey Danny, Great blog glad to be able to follow you since I am home a week this Thursday. keep up the good walk. ianocamino your dancer from the Burgos night out.I eventually got as far as Carrion de los Condes before the trip home.

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