Day 6 – Estella to Los Arcos – 21.1km

10.00am. Great sleep. In the bunks last night I had an Irish Girl on top of me and a Polish lady next to me. They both gave me frosty looks this morning. Then the Polish Lady informed me that I was the winner of the latest round of the European Snoring Championships. Oh dear. First lesson of The Camino learned.

I had another ” Mr Bean ” moment yesterday. I turned around on the stairs of the Refugio in Estella and my rucksack caught on a framed print of St James , knocking it off the wall and smashing the glass to pieces. I think I should go home now.


Arrived at the small and beautiful town of Los Arcos at around 2.00pm after a drizzly start , the first rain of my Camino. Once again a pleasant walking temperature and the now familiar rolling hills and vineyards of The Navarra region. Estella was a lovely town and some of my companions up to this point have decided to take a rest day there.

A large group of us had dinner in Estella last night and it was time to say goodbye to Catherine , Pauline , Jacqui ,Denise and Anne from Dublin , Gail from Notts, and Megan , Carlynne and Rhea from down under. They were all terrific company and helped to make this first week so much fun. I know most of them would have loved to stay on and continue to Santiago but I´m sure they´ll be back here at some point to continue their Camino. Thanks to you all.

I met and walked with a few Americans today. I heard a terrible tale from two older American ladies who had lost 2 weeks of walking as a sister of one of them had collapsed on The Camino in the middle of nowhere. She went into a coma and spent 4 days in ITU in Pamplona before she was flown home with a nurse yesterday. A few others are giving up due to various ailments. It´s not a walk in the park. Thankfully my old carcass is bearing up well though the feet are sore.

Just past Estella there is a famous wine fountain , provided by Bodegas Irache , where Pilgrims can fortify themselves for the journey ahead. The tradition is to fill up your scallop shell with wine and drink away . I saw a couple of guys fill their water bottles so they obviously needed serious fortification.

As well as the ubiquitous yellow arrows that point the way the Camino has a lot of ancient water fountains for the “Peregrinos”. I have posted a few pictures of these today including a 13th Century ” Fountain of The Moors ” which has a double arch which I´m told is of Mozarabic influence. It´s difficult to get lost as the yellow arrows and scallop shell appear very frequently on the route.

As I arrived in Los Arcos I caught the tail end of a wedding . There was a band playing as the bride and groom left the Church . There was a lovely bit where they danced in the middle as the band played in a circle around them . I will post a video of this later.

I must thank Michael and Mavis Fisher from Adlington for lending me a guide book and other info regarding the Camino. Michael did part of The Camino by bike several years ago and had such a great experience that he had the scallop shell emblem built into the lintel stone above their front door at 74 Railway Road , the corner house before Granville St.


13th C Fountain of the Moors

Wine Fountain at Bodegas Irache


Last night for the Dublin and Nottingham Girls


5 thoughts on “Day 6 – Estella to Los Arcos – 21.1km

  1. Danny. Glad things are going well for you. I had a great stroke of luck today. Driving through Standish I saw a sign for a garage sale and dropped in to find the most amazing collection of fishing gear at fire-sale prices. Absolutely everything you could wish for and top quality. The nice lady selling it, Jane, said that her husband had popped out for a walk a week or so ago and not come back. She had always wanted to get rid of it as she was sick and fed up with it lying around the house and couldn’t see him returning after all this time. It had enabled her to free up the spare room for her new lodger, a chap by the name of Rex who was recently described in the Wigan Observer as “a thrusting new prospect at the Little Theatre”. I think it was “thrusting” but it might have been “up and coming” – not sure. Anyway, keep up the good work – no need to dash home. By the way, if you see any plenary indulgences going cheap, could you please buy me a couple. Ta.

  2. Gald you are enjoying your sunshine, senoritas, and wine on tap. I mean the wine is on tap, not the er, sunshine, obviously.
    The fishing gear garage sale has raised very little money, probably because anyone thinking of visiting it has been washed away in floods. We had a day or so of ‘less rain’ since the deluge that turned ASDA’s roundabout from Saddle Junction to Paddle Junction, but the heavens have opened again today.
    I suspect you are still getting the better of the deal, and you can always buy new fishing gear when you get home. Maybe Jane saved you a copy of Carp Weekly.

  3. Danny boy.
    We left you sore of heart and foot, and reluctantly boarded the five hour bus to Madrid. Our reluctance was increased dramatically by the absence of any food in Estella on our walk to the bus, and on arriving in Madrid disembarked ravenous and near crazed in our quest for sustenance. After satiating our appetites somewhat and startling a waitress with both our poor grasp of Spanish and demands for food, we made our way to our accom. After five days on the Camino, you will be pleased to hear that we had booked ourselves into what is called “Madrid’s first luxury hostel”. It contained clean, private bathrooms, cafe, theatre, a couple of swings, fresh (bug-free) linen, and on arriving we were informed that there would be a party that evening with music, food and alcohol provided. They don’t call us Party Pilgrims for nothing.

    We miss you all very much and have found the english speaking world a little strange and “crowdie” as the German boys would say.

    Walk well, friends,
    Rhea, Megan and Carlynne.

    1. Hi Carlynne , glad you found the blog and thanks for posting. All is well with me and my feet. I was really happy to bump into Conor again today but he’d strained his calf doing a Good Samaritan act and had to retire early in Azofra. He’s only a few days left until Burgos so he should make it . Missing the craic with all our ” Sheilas ” xx

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