Day 30 – Sarria to Gonzar – 30.2 km

I was up and on the road by 8.30am . It turned into a beautiful day , the sunniest and warmest of my trip so far. I walked alone initially and once again saw some old ladies collecting the sweet chestnuts into buckets. They are all over the roadside at the moment ( the chestnutsContinue reading “Day 30 – Sarria to Gonzar – 30.2 km”

Day 29 – Fonfria to Sarria – 27.7 km

A bad night. The bunks in the Refugio were very close together. So much so that if I turned over in my sleep to my right side I would likely have ended up in bed with a not unattractive German lady. However if I had turned over to my left side then I would haveContinue reading “Day 29 – Fonfria to Sarria – 27.7 km”

Day 28 – Ruitelan to Fonfria – 23km

It was a very cold night up here in the mountains and we all needed blankets over our sleeping bags. We were awoken to the sound of an Operatic version of ” Ave Marie ” followed by ” Nessun Dorma “. Fortified by a good breakfast we girded our loins for the steep climb upContinue reading “Day 28 – Ruitelan to Fonfria – 23km”

Day 27 – Pieros to Ruitelan – 24.9km

Apologies for the delay in updating the blog but I’m up in the mountains again and there is little in the way of any Wi-Fi in the villages. We all had a great night’s sleep in the small and characterful Refugio in Pieros. It was cold first thing so on went the layers again. TheContinue reading “Day 27 – Pieros to Ruitelan – 24.9km”

Day 26 – Molinaseca to Pieros – 25.2km

A good night’s sleep in a nice Albergue in Molinaseca. Forrest had arrived late in the day so was only able to get a top bunk above another American guy. Now Forrest is a very big guy and when it came to him climbing the ladder to get into his bunk he very nearly pulledContinue reading “Day 26 – Molinaseca to Pieros – 25.2km”

Day 25 – Rabanal del Camino to Molinaseca – 26.5km

We reluctantly departed the very friendly and warm Albergue in Rabanal this morning as the day started cold and wet. I walked the first few km with Jolanta but she had developed an allergic rash and was feeling queasy so she stopped at the next village , Foncebadon. There was then a steady climb forContinue reading “Day 25 – Rabanal del Camino to Molinaseca – 26.5km”

Day 24 – Valdeviejas to Rabanal del Camino – 20.4km

I stayed in a very small Refugio last night just 1km past Astorga. There were only four of us staying there including Jolanta , who I hadn’t seen in a week or so , and a French Mother and daughter, Edith and Vida ( see photo ). I had a room to myself and hadContinue reading “Day 24 – Valdeviejas to Rabanal del Camino – 20.4km”

Day 23 – Hospital de Orbigo to Valdeviejas – 18.1 km

My stay in Hospital de Orbigo provided me with some interesting experiences. There were eight Pilgrims staying there last night , including two Italian guys who were both suffering tendonitis and had holed up there for 4 days in attempts to get better ( at least that’s what they said anyway ). There was alsoContinue reading “Day 23 – Hospital de Orbigo to Valdeviejas – 18.1 km”

Day 22 – Leon to Hospital de Orbigo – 32.8km

An uneventful day spent walking on probably the least appealing part of The Camino so far. It was mostly long , flat stretches of roadside ” senda “. We’re now on the last part of The Meseta and after Astorga ( our next stop ) we start climbing the next range of mountains , theContinue reading “Day 22 – Leon to Hospital de Orbigo – 32.8km”

Day 21 – Leon – rest day

My fears were justified. You put fifty men in one room and it’s not exactly going to be ” lullaby baby “. I have never heard such a cacophony of nocturnal noises. I will list them – snoring of every description , sighing , yawning , farting , groaning , scratching , coughing , sneezingContinue reading “Day 21 – Leon – rest day”

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